Below are some of the happenings planned at Wijkanders during spring of 2019. More information and special information and requirements such as bookings or reservations can be found on each event on our Facebook page, or e-mail us at We always have special discounts with student union card or Cing-card.

  • Wijkanders After Work (& After study)
    Every Friday from 15:00-19:00 there are free snacks included for your drinks! Last Friday of every month we have Pizza-buffet for a very reasonable price!




Vegetarian heaven 
13-15/3 & 20-22/3   Variety of  vegetarian dishes. Come and try a variety of vegetarian options where there is the option to add meat/fish if desired. Fantastic discounts with student union cards & cingcard (No registration or booking needed)

Iberico tributes! 
13-15 & 20-22/2 Spain & Portugal is the theme of these 2 weeks with dishes such as t.ex. Paella, bacalao etc.  Of course, varied menu, both the weekly & daily . Discounts with student union cards & cingcard. (No registration or booking needed)

Riesling & Asparagus
8-10/5 & 15-17/5 Spring is here and so is the asparagus. We bring in some new fresh Riesling wines and composes together dishes that fit with both the wine and the Germany/Austria area. Discounts with student union cards & cingcard. (No registration or needed)

BBQ week at the Wijkanders! 
Wednesday to Friday, 12-14/6 Wijkanders has a grill & BBQ-week on the evening bistro menu. The evening menu is open with special menu throughout the week. Discounts with student union cards & cingcard.