Rules of bookings for the new Faculty

Bookings of the Faculty are handled and managed by Chalmers Konferens och Restauranger


Fakultetsvåningen is always open during lunch and is intended for the permanent faculty members. In the daily lunchservice fakultetsvåningen is a complement to the members for lunch. All orders for lunch are done ”as usual” at the cashier, and members can then go to the fakultetsvåningen, as an alternative to Wijkanders dining room or bistro.

Wijkanders provides reservations for faculty members with different forms of service and opportunities. If you choose not to manage the food & beverage order yourself there are opportunities to book catering services of various kinds to fakultetsvåningen. Such as tea, coffee or “fika” to any of the meeting rooms.

For those who book the small boardroom for available times and wish to lunch in the fakultetsvåningen, Wijkanders can reserve a table. Lunch is purchased at Wijkanders, if you wish a waiter, check with us about the menu and quote.

Below are the booking conditions as well as our special catering, meetings, porcelain rent and cleaningprices at events in the Fakultetsvåningen. Fakultetsvåningen can be rented for dissertation and PhD-parties or other academic ceremonies. The tenant stands for taking away all of his/her materials, and can choose different forms of service from the Wijkanders in the form of cleaning and re-standing of the tables and chairs. There are 11 tables (180x80cm) in the faculty with space for 6-8 people depending on the seating, and approximately 76 chairs. According to fire and safety precautions there is a maximum of 150people in the local.

The payment of rent, catering & security deposit is referred to at Wijkanders normal business hours at the cashier,  1-3 days before the booked event. You will also be given a key card and other detailed information. Changes of prices might occur.

Bokningsregler för fakultetsvåningen, Vasa 8_1.1

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