Happenings at Wijkanders autumn 2018

Below are some of the happenings planned at Wijkanders during the autumn of 2018. More information and special information and requirements such as bookings or reservations can be found on each event on our Facebook page, or e-mail us at bokning@wijkanders.se. We always have special discounts with student union card or Cing-card.

  • Wijkanders After Work (& After study)
    Every Friday from 15:00-19:00 there are free snacks included for your drinks! Last Friday of every month we have Pizza-buffet for a very reasonable price!
  • 3-5/10 October-fest week!
    Wednesday to Friday 3-5/10
    Wijkanders has a special October-fest menu! The kitchen is open as usual from 17:00 with a special menu the whole week.

  • 4/10 Peasoup and pancake lunch from 13:00
  • 17-19/10 Italian week with truffle and wine!
    Wednesday to Friday 17-19/10 Wijkanders has a special bistro menu with Italy as inspiration.
    3-course menues with wine package or single maincourses will be on the menu to choose from (special menu the whole week)
  • 1/11 Peasoup and pancake lunch from 13:00
  • 2/11 QUIZ with Björn Höglund !
    Friday 2/11 Wijkanders has a Halloween and Gothenburg quiz!
    Björn has written the quiz book of Gothenburg and worked with other national televised quiz.

  • 8/11 Pubrunda LP2 with Live-jazz!
  • 22/11 Tasting menu Wijkanders !
    Come and try our 5-course vegetarian menu with possible wine package at Wijkanders.
    No regular menu will be served this evening. Only bookings and reservations possible.
    250SEK with student union card + wine package 200SEK (regular price 350:- + 250:-)
    Pre-booking by mail guarantees a table, only a few spots available. E-mail: bokning@wijkanders.se
  • 6/12 Peasoup and pancake lunch from 13:00
  • 20/12 Christmas table at Wijkanders! (date preliminary and can change)
    Try our Chriostmas table. A possibility for small or big groups to try our traditional Christmas table.
    The regular menu is reduced this evening and open as usual from 17:00.
    200SEK with student union card, Regular price 300:-. Pre-booking by mail guarantees a table, only a few spots available. E-mail: bokning@wijkanders.se

Christmastable in Gothenburg 2018

Despite the fact that it is only the fall we are in full planning for our upcoming Christmas dinners. Have you not yet had time to book a Christmas dinner for the company, society, or the neighbors, there is still a possibility to do so with us.
We look forward for another winter with lots of delicious food & festive spirit ahead of December. At Wijkanders you have a banquet hall close to the city centre and public transportation for all guests to and from the event.  We continue last years “classic” theme of the Christmas food. We cook as much as possible in our kitchen from scratch without semi-finished products, we have honest raw materials with as little environmental impact as possible.

As a larger group or company you get the complete dining room exclusive to yourselves. If you wish something more than the Christmas dinner such as providing sound & light equipment or other special arrangements.

Some dates have already started to be booked so please contact us. We accept both companies and private groups for an atmospheric christmas dinner.

For inquiries please email to bokning@wij20160421_003_01d_060kanders.se we will send a quote with various options at both the Christmas food, beverage and non-alcohol.




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