Wijkanders is a welcome addition when it comes to banquets and reservations for private parties up to 150 seated guests in the centre of Gothenburg. There is the possibility to easily create arrangements and dinners in the form of private parties, weddings, corporate holiday party, conference dinner or various forms of musical events.

We cater to your needs with custom made proposals with a focus on service  of high quality food and raw materials.
We customize your event for large and small parties, serving three-course meals, buffet-style or a meeting/lecturing with both a reception and theatre style seating and the opportunity to dance.









We cook as much as possible in our kitchen from scratch without semi-preproduced products. We have honest raw materials with as little environmental impact as possible. At Wijkanders you can get the exclusivity to yourselves. If you wish to have something more we can assist with quotes on the different events and entertainment, sound & light equipment, stage setting for entertainment and more.

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“We work with high quality raw materials, personal meetings and arrangements with a wide range of wine, beer and drinks. The kitchen is inspired by the Swedish classical cuisine with impressions from France and parts of Europe,” said Operations manager Tobias Bätz, he continues: ” Our staff is our heart and the staff should feel cosy, relaxed and knowledgeable.”

Welcome to book your event at Wijkanders (Christmas tables and requests can be received throughout the year).

E-mail bokning@wijkanders.se for a first contact and offers.