The restaurant is located down towards Vasaplatsen, between Gibraltargatan & Kapellplatsen. Next to the old Chalmers Villa’s restaurant and also the replacement to this. In connection to the restaurant the new Fakultetsvåningen is also located.

We opened in May of 2016 and our ambition is to be a relaxed bar and bistro in the evenings for everyone on the campus and individuals. For students with a charged student union card and discount the costs for a lunch is 70kr. For regular guests it is possible to get our regular guest card with discount on every lunch.

Wijkanders open from 11:00 every weekday with a modern and slightly more luxurious variation of the traylunch from 11:00 – 13:30 p.m. The food is varied and inspired from the Swedish old school to the old classic France. Bistro & wine bar comes will from the fall be open Wednesday – Friday evenings to 10: 00 p.m. Here you should be able to pop in for a glass and choose between several tasty dishes. The range of beer is great but even more on the wine. A terrace is also available for the warmer afternoons & evenings.

Wijkanders is also a welcome addition when it comes to banquet hall and booking for private parties with up to 150 seated guests. We have various events such as the After Work and also organizes weddings, conference dinners, student evenings with various opportunities to create a setting with music and entertainment.

Welcome to visit us at Wijkanders!