Wijkander’s lunch concept is a modern and attractive form of “tray lunch” in a more luxurious standard where we serve the guests the food at the table. The kitchen is inspired mainly by the Swedish classic cuisine with influences from France and parts of Europe.

Our idea is lunch with a straightforward payment, either ordering and payment through a cashier or ordering and payment through the self service desk. After ordering then go to the buffet of salad, bread and drinks included. Ordered dishes are then served at the table by the staff in a quick manner.


The lunch is served from 11:00 until 13:30

Wijkanders Lunch v15

Måndag 6/4
Glasnudlar, sojamarinerad tofu, morot, vitkål, chilikräm & koriander
Glass noodles, soy marinated tofu, carrot, cabbage, chili cream & coriander
Fisk  Pankobakad fisk, dillkokt potatis, dansk remoulad, citron & friterad lök
Panko baked fish, dill potatoes, Danish remoulade, lemon & deep fried onion
Kött  Thüringer Bratwürst, surkål, grov senap & rostad potatis
Thüringer Bratwürst, choucroute, whole grain mustard & roasted potatoes

Tisdag 7/4
Vegetarisk  Risotto, svamp, gröna ärtor, citron & råpicklad morotssallad
Risotto, mushrooms, green peas, lemon & pickled carrot salad
Fisk  Bakad fisk, oststuvad risoni, körsbärstomat, spenat & oliver
Baked fisk, cheese creamed risoni, cherry tomatoes, spinach & olives
Kött  Kycklingwook, vitkål, morot, koriander, ris & cashewnöt
Chicken wok, cabbage, carrot, coriander, rice & cashew nuts

Onsdag 8/4
Vegetarisk  Chili sin carne, ris, inlagd gurka & smetana
Chili sin carne, rice, pickles & smetana
Fisk  Pankobakad fisk, kokt potatis, vitkålsallad, kapriskräm & spenat
Panko baked fish, boiled potatoes, cabbage salad, capers crème & spinach
Kött  Köttbullar, potatismos, cognac- & lingonsås, inlagd gurka
Meatballs, mashed potatoes, cognac & lingonberry sauce, pickled cucumber

Torsdag 9/4
Vegetarisk  Tortellini, walnut sauce, lemon, Grana Padano & spinach
Tortellini, walnut sauce, lemon, Grana Padano & spinach
Fisk  Pocherad fisk, räka- & vitvinssås, potatismos, dill & citron
Poached fish, shrimp & white whine sauce, mashed potatoes, dill & lemon
Kött  Pulled pork, tortilla, bönor, tomat, chili, gräddfil, koriander & picklad rödlök
Pulled pork, tortilla, beans, tomatoes, sour cream, coriander & pickled onions

Fredag 10/4


With subject of changes

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For specific allergies or other requests, please e-mail bokning@wijkanders.se and we will handle your question as soon as possible.
We put the most common allergies on the menu for each dish in the restaurant.

Welcome to lunch at Wijkanders.