Jul på Wijkanders 2023


During christmas you can book  Wijkanders exclusively up on request. The resturant is locatel close to Landala torg.

The banquet hall  with its characteristic design can accommodate a maximum of 150 guests at long tables, but we also welcome smaller parties. In the venue, it is possible to bring in both troubadours, bands and stage to create the perfect atmosphere for the evening.

We help you create a memorable evening, where you can put all Christmas stress aside and just enjoy.

Christmas buffet:

Our interpretation of Christmas favourites. This year we focus on small-scale, sustainable and organic
Christmas buffet where we stick to the classic favourites. The Christmas buffet includes glögg,  confectionery & chocolate and coffee.

Price: From 379 kr ex moms per person


When: 20 november – 21 december 2023



Lilla dryckespaketet: 158 kr ex moms (2 glas öl/vin)

Dryckespaket mellan: 195 kr ex moms (1 glas  öl/vin, 5 cl snaps)

Stora dryckespaketet 263 kr ex moms (2 glas öl/vin 5 cl snaps)